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TRADA Timber in Refurbishment 2010

Carpenter Oak and Woodland are one of the specialists featured in TRADAs publication Timber in Refurbishment by Ruth Slavid. TRADA Technology is an independent consultancy company with over 75 years of experience providing a wide range of commercial and training services to the timber and construction industries. The publication draws on specialists experience to demonstrate how timber is used to restore historic buildings and refurbish modern buildings.

How our work is featured

Dolbelydr in Asaph, North Wales is a great example of a “very extreme conservation job” as described by Chris Masters, one of Carpenter Oak and Woodland‘s team leaders. The 16th century timber-framed stone building owned by the Land Trust was in a very poor state with many of its timbers, floor beams and joists in need of restoring. This restoration has won numerous awards, including the Conservation category at the Wood Awards, and the RICS Award for building conservation.

On pages 32 and 33 Carpenter Oak and Woodland explain the many tried and tested ways of repairing timber with new timber elements, often fixing with wooden pegs or metal fixings. One element used in restoration and conservation projects is “scarf joints” or “halved” and “splayed” scarfs where you can cut out the offending piece of timber and fix in a new one. An expert carpenter will be able to decide which is the most appropriate to use. If it is thought inappropriate to cut away quite a lot of sound timber the best solution may be to “strap” the joint or use metal to hold the elements together.

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